Museo Nacional de Arte. Bolivia, 2021

The commitment in the educational work is an ethical obligation for every individual who wants to undertake teaching. We present a project that was born thanks to this commitment in school classrooms in the city of El Alto, led by the teacher of the subject of Language: Milton Ramiro Conde, who decided to get out of the molds and carry out the project CINEMA FROM THE CLASSROOMS, developing didactics with the tools of video to promote reading in their classes. The dialogue of both languages, written and visual, allows students to enter the realms of alternative modes of audiovisual production in which they experience reading, text comprehension, theatrical interpretation, developing collaborative learning in which students work on collaboration, competition, leadership and exchange of knowledge from creativity.

The students’ performance was surprising because it affected their student community, stirred up parents and drew the attention of the Bolivian film industry, even local piracy, developing a curious phenomenon in distribution. It revealed other modes of production to tell their own stories, made by students guided by a visionary teacher.

Copy of the script made collectively with the students
Installation of a wall with hundreds of DVD covers