• Roma Residency

    SOLA .

    curated by Marco Delogu

    Those who come to Rome intending to portray it are now left with a feeling of disorientation. The monu- ments can no longer be interpreted, they are too emotive and too powerful and standing before them with open eyes and mind is difficult. The need is felt to escape, close your eyes, lie down on the ground and open them again to look at the sky. Another route is tried out with an attempt to seek traces of the contemporary world, yet the answer comes from extraneous spaces, without a major identity, often defeated in the comparison with the old. Those spac- es do not have eyes and cannot lie on the ground and look at the sky. Thus a sensation of disorienta- tion begins. The view is filled with images which are difficult to catalogue; there is no order in these memories. José Arispe maps out his own personal geography, surrenders to the city, to the interiors and exteriors, with special and broader visions. He stops to wait for small, very personal, answers. A small map is pieced together day after day, in the hours of sunlight, at dusk and finally at night. At the end of this process yet another city emerges, another piece of an artist’s vision which we will never see. There is no use seeking it out and pursuing it, the map has no coordinates. Luckily we have the photos of José Arispe